The following section will provide key information to help you install ISAconfigurator in the best possible conditions


Prior to install ISAconfigurator tool, irrespective of the operating system used, do make sure that Java version 1.6 is deployed on the raget machine and that JAVA_HOME environmental variable has been set.

To check which version of Java is currently available, open a terminal and type the following command:

c:>java -version

The result should look like this:

java version "1.6.0_22" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_22-b04-307-10M3261) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 17.1-b03-307, mixed mode)

Getting the software

ISAconfigurator latest build is available here in its cross platform form

For Mac™ users, we also provide a dedicated version available here

Installating the build version

We now detail how to install and run ISAconfigurator after having downloaded the compressed archive from download page or from our github repository.

Decompressing the archive


For Windows 7™ users, do ensure that the archive is properly unpacked. Windows 7 explorer seems to allow viewing the content of an archive, even starting a jar application upon double clicking when the application is still compressed. Doing so will result in an failing to use ISAcreator properly. Freeware such as 7-zip™ provides an easy means to ensure zip archive have been properly expanded.

Starting ISAconfigurator by double-clicking

Provided the requirements described in section 1 have been met, ISAconfigurator software can be started by simply double clicking the ISAconfigurator-1.4.jar file

Starting ISAconfigurator from the command line

More advanced users may want to use the command line to pass additional configuration parameters to the tool at start up. In particular, users manipulating large datasets may want/need to allocate more memory. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. open a terminal

  2. navigate to ISAcconfigurator installation folder

    c:>cd /Users/JohnSmith/ISAconfigurator-1.4/

    Windows OS users, use "\" instead.

  3. issue the following command:

    c:>java -jar -Xms256m -Xmx1024m ISAconfigurator-1.4.jar

    Watch out for placing spaces correctly and remember that arguments are case sensitive. Xms and Xmx parameters allow to set the minimal and maximal amount of memory available to the java virtual machine (jvm) used by ISAcreator.

  4. the tool will start with this splashscreen

The menu items are self explanatory.

  1. The first item allows to create a new study report from scratch

  2. The second item allows to view an existing report either for addition and simply for browsing

  3. The third item allows users to groups studies into investigations

If you see those screen, you have successfully installed ISAconfigurator on your machine. For a more thourough description of the tool and its functionalities, please refer to the following chapters.