Chapter 4. ISAcreator User Manual

version 1.4

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Table of Contents

Why use ISAcreator?
Getting started
Getting the software
Installing the latest build version
Creating a User Account
Why do i need to register and create an account?
Setting Proxy Parameters in ISAcreator
Setting default locations for ISAconfigurations and ISA datasets?
Using ISAcreator
Why does ISAcreator require an ISA configuration to run?
Getting familiar with ISAcreator user interface
Creating a Study manually
Visualization Functions in ISACreator
Spreadsheet Highlighting of groups
Graphical Representation of Treatment Groups
Advanced Features
Experimental Design Wizard: Supporting Intervention Study Design
Dealing with legacy data: Importing Spreadsheet and ISACreator Mapping Tool
Plugin Architecture
QRCode Creation Plugin
Annotator Service


Why use ISAcreator?

  • You are a lab scientist recording experimental information and need to meet annotation requirements?

  • You are planning an experiment and would to organize you experimental records from the start?

  • You need to deposit experimental data to public repositories to obtain accession number for your manuscript?